A.N. Bakoulev Scientific Center for Cardiovascular Surgery

Welcome to our Clinic Bakoulev Scientific Center for Cardiovascular Surgery is the largest specialized medical center. We provide highly specialized medical care to patients with congenital and acquired valvular disease, heart rhythm disorders, terminal heart failure, diseases of the great and peripheral vessels of various etiologies, causing disorders of cerebral circulation.

Bakoulev center was founded in 1956; it provides specialized medical care for any cardiovascular disease, as well as the combination of cardiac pathology with disorders of other organs, including cancer, dangerous infectious diseases (HIV, hepatitis, etc.) a variety of chronic diseases. In the Center pregnant patients with cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are observed and operated.


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Embolization: patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) Surgeries for complex CHD under CPB in patients older than 18 years Especially complex and unique surgeries for AHD under CPB (including the aneurysm of ascending aorta) Uncomplicated surgeries for AHD under CPB including single-valve replacement Surgeries for simple and uncomplicated CHD (VSD, ASD) under CPB


VSD - Ventricular septal defect

Ventricular septal defect is the second of the most common congenital heart diseases in children over 3 years.

Pulmonary atresia

This defect is always "critical". The children with this defect require resuscitation immediately after birth. Especially in case of pulmonary atresia with intact ventricular septum.

Congenital aortic stenosis

The essence of the disturbances in this rather frequent defect is the following. Aortic valve regulates the blood flow from the left ventricle to its ascending area and consists of three thin semilunar cusps which squeeze up against the aortic wall and thus give the access to the free blood flow, and in each relaxation they close and block this way.

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