A.N. Bakoulev Scientific Center for Cardiovascular Surgery

Welcome to our Clinic Bakoulev Scientific Center for Cardiovascular Surgery is the largest specialized medical center. We provide highly specialized medical care to patients with congenital and acquired valvular disease, heart rhythm disorders, terminal heart failure, diseases of the great and peripheral vessels of various etiologies, causing disorders of cerebral circulation.

Bakoulev center was founded in 1956; it provides specialized medical care for any cardiovascular disease, as well as the combination of cardiac pathology with disorders of other organs, including cancer, dangerous infectious diseases (HIV, hepatitis, etc.) a variety of chronic diseases. In the Center pregnant patients with cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are observed and operated.


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Complex off-pump heart surgeries Embolization: major aorto-pulmonary collaterals and other Subcutaneous implantation Rеvеаl (excluding the cost of medical consumables and b/d) Hemoperfusion with LPS - selective cartridges Alteco Surgeries in neonates up to 4 months of age and especially complex and unique off-pump surgeries


Hypoplastic left-heart syndrome (HLHS)

Until quite recently, this defect was absolutely fatal in all cases. The child died within the first week of life, and the surgical help was impossible.

Tricuspid atresia. The principle of Fontan operation

In the normally developed heart tricuspid valve connects the right atrium with the right ventricle. This valve has not developed with atresia and there is a dense membrane in its place through which the blood flow cannot pass.

BWGS – Anomalous left coronary artery from the pulmonary artery

In BWGS heart defect which we are considering now, one of the coronary arteries origins not from the aorta, but from the adjacent pulmonary artery, which contains not arterial but venous blood.

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